Cleaner energy,
at a lower cost

Software to manage industrial energy flexibility in the age of renewables.


Cut your costs

Keeping energy costs under control is key for staying competitive. The growing share of renewables in our energy mix causes energy prices to fluctuate. Prices drop when there is an abundance of sun and wind, but spike when these resources are scarce. Flexible energy usage allows you to shift your consumption to specific moments when prices are low. This strategy can reduce your energy costs by 10-30%.


Limit energy cost fluctuations

Fluctuating energy prices are hard to anticipate, making it difficult to predict and manage your budget. You can hedge against these fluctuations, but its effectiveness depends on how accurately you can forecast and steer your energy use. Deviations from forecasts can also trigger costs in itself (imbalance costs). With flexible energy usage, you can shift your consumption to align more closely with your forecast and budget.


Eliminate your emissions

Achieving Net Zero energy is a complex journey. Securing sufficient renewable energy production is usually the first challenge. Once that's in place, the next crucial step is aligning your energy consumption with the amount of renewable energy you have installed or contracted. Flexible energy usage allows you to focus your consumption at times with high(er) levels of clean energy.


The data backbone that calculates your optimization signals in real-time

Our software translates your unique operational context and contract mix into an accurate energy model. The model supports multiple flexible asset types, on-site energy generation, hedging, PPAs, as well as various offtake and injection contracts.

This model is then forecasted to output a series of optimization signals for steering your flexible assets. These signals are accessible either through an API for direct integration with your hardware and software systems, or via our BI suite for detailed reporting purposes.

how it works

From reactive energy consumption to proactive flexibility

Using advanced analytics, we transform your energy management system for more flexible use of energy resources.


Seamless data integration for real-time insight

Companion enriches your own operational and financial energy data with vital market information.

Data integration:

  • Operational data: from your on-site data captation systems and production planning.
  • Financial data: from your energy contracts, hedging decisions, invoices and intraday, day-ahead and futures markets.
  • Additional data: such as renewable energy forecasts, grid emissions and weather information.

The output is a real-time balance of your energy use, costs, and emissions that you can break down in detail.


Accurate forward-looking view deploys state-of-the art predictive models to forecast your energy usage, costs, and emissions with high accuracy.

This approach makes it possible to calculate optimization signals that shift your strategy from a reactive approach to proactively anticipating the future.

output signals

Flexible assets and third party integrations delivers real-time optimization signals through an API, enabling smooth integration with your flexible assets and operational processes.

Moreover, these signals can also be interfaced to third parties for demand response (with aggregators), collaborative forecasting (with utilities) or reporting (with compliance tools).

use cases

Focus on electrifying and electrified sectors

Our software is already applied by customers in a broad range of industries.

Part manufacturing


Electric utilities

Telecommunications & data centers

Charge point operations

Part manufacturing

Deploying electric ovens flexibly, taking into account updated hedging strategies, to increase ROI on electrification investments.


Steering water purification and cooling buffers flexibly to unlock day-ahead price arbitrage.

Electric utilities

Creating win-wins for electric utilities and their large commercial and industrial consumers. This is done through collaborative forecasting and flexible management of assets, aimed at reducing portfolio imbalances.

Telecommunications & data centers

Moving towards 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy by shifting from monthly energy management to automated, minute-by-minute control that is seamlessly integrated.

Charge point operations

Managing dynamic market exposure by flexibilizing longer charging sessions.

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Getting started

A clear, straightforward 
onboarding process

Our approach is tailored to your specific roadmap and needs.

intake meeting
intake meeting

A free discovery call

Let’s discuss and benchmark your current energy context, either virtually or in person. We'll explore your unique energy needs from various angles including procurement, risk management, operations, and sustainability.

Integration with network administrator
Integration with network administrator

Alignment with your IT/OT architecture

We align with your IT specialists to prepare a smooth and stable integration with your existing IT/OT system.

we make you an offer
we make you an offer

Tailored offer

We develop a commercial offer that is tailored to your needs and preferences.

data integration
data integration

Input data integration and model training

We integrate all relevant data sources into our software and thoroughly test their integrity and reliability. Following this, we begin training our forecasting models to ensure they make accurate predictions.

up and running
Up and running

Immediate impact

We provide dedicated support in 'hypercare mode' during the integration of our output signals. This approach helps to minimize risks and allows you to start benefiting from optimized energy management as soon as possible.


Is for me?

If you're dealing with an increasingly complex energy situation, then absolutely. Our software works best with a mix of different energy contracts, and different flexible energy assets.

Will it work if I don’t have 100% flexibility?

Absolutely. It's common for companies to have limited flexibility due to various operational or commercial constraints, preventing full shifts in energy usage. Our software is tailored to understand and work within these restrictions.

We try to be 100% hedged, so do I have any relevant price fluctuations?

Most likely, yes. Even with a strategy to hedge completely, price fluctuations can still occur and impact how you manage your flexible assets. For instance, distribution and transmission tariffs are increasingly based on specific times and locations, which can vary significantly.

I’m already working with an energy consultant. How is this different?

If you have a good energy consultant, they’ll give you great advice on topics like your energy contract mix, energy efficiency projects, electrification roadmaps etc. Our software complements their services by enabling you to granularly adjust your energy use in real-time, based on their recommendations. This allows for detailed control of your energy operations minute-by-minute.

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