Back to content hub Nominated for Trends Impact Awards 2024 in Climate & Energy Category

Thomas Vyncke
July 2, 2024

About the Trends Impact Awards

The Trends Impact Awards are known as one of Belgium’s most prestigious honors for companies making a sustainable impact. These awards celebrate organizations that implement strategies generating positive change and creating sustainable value. With a broad consensus towards ESG criteria and SDG goals, the awards highlight inspiring projects across various domains in Belgian businesses. They emphasize the importance of innovation and dedication in driving positive change, celebrating a wide range of impactful projects that set benchmarks for others to follow.

Our Commitment

At, our mission is to accelerate the industrial energy transition. We continuously strive to take the lead in developing cutting-edge industrial energy management software. This nomination is a testament to our efforts to unlock energy consumption flexibility in complex environments, promoting renewable energy and reducing carbon emissions. Our team is passionate about making a difference, and it’s heartening to see our work recognized in this way.

Key Achievements

We are particularly proud of several impactful collaborations and initiatives with customers. Our combination of savings and sustainability is unique in approach. Recently, our customer case with Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant was highlighted as part of our fundraising announcement.

See the full video here:

Our research and development of course continues. With next-generation energy technologies, we always push the envelope, aiming to deliver even greater savings and sustainability benefits in the future.

Looking Ahead

This nomination inspires us to continue our hard work. Launching an EnergyTech startup is a wild adventure, and we’re grateful to have such supportive partners, customers, and community with us.

We look forward to sharing more updates and celebrating sustainable achievements together!

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